Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We get a lot of rain in Western Washington. For a guy that grew up in the high desert of New Mexico, the weather here gets a bit monotonous. It's been cloudy and raining for several weeks now...not those heavy downpours we used to get in Illinois and Australia, but somewhere between a drizzle and a shower. Not a lot falls in a short time, but over several days it starts to add up. Janene and I went driving along the levee of the Puyallup River yesterday. The source of the river is glaciers on Mt. Rainier. It was quite high due to the recent rains, and there were a lot of Native American fishermen  along the banks and in boats hauling in what looked like salmon or steelhead trout. We weren't close enough to see exactly what they were catching. I thought of the blessing the river and the fish have been over the centuries to these people. We enjoyed the fall colors of the trees and bushes along the river. Next to the levee were fields of cabbages and other produce. While the rains can be tedious, there are benefits that come with them. Life can be like that.

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