Sunday, December 2, 2012

Get off this Tax The Rich nonsense. The government and higher taxes are not the solution. There are food banks galore and lots of churches and other charities available. No American child should go hungry. The American people's generosity is the solution. 

Let's say you pay $1000 in income taxes and $100 is set aside for welfare programs. Exactly how much of that $100 gets siphoned off by all the government hands before it gets to those who need it? If you give the same $100 to a food bank or donate $100 worth of food, ALL OF IT goes to the poor. 

Come on, Americans. Can't you see the light? There is no class warfare here. We are free to donate, help, assist, feed on our own without having to funnel it through the sticky Big Government maze. How stupid and lazy we have become! Go out and do a neighborhood food drive or find some kids that need food and go to the store and buy it for them! Or, sit back on your butts and write your check to Uncle Sam and hope that some of it gets filtered on down. Trickle down Government is a total waste of our moral and financial resources. Let's do it right.

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