Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tip of the hat to Mason Williams...
here's a "Them" poem I wrote recently.....

Strang Tuners

How about them Strang Tuners, Ain't they mellow?
Tunin' they bass, Tunin' they cello.
Turnin' them pegs, lookin' at the meter,
Fiddlin' with 'em all day long, nothin' could be sweeter.
Look at them Strang Tuners, Ain't they sporty!
Tunin' them strangs to A440.
Them squeaky geeky Strang Tuners, Ain't they dorky.
Tappin' on the stand with they tunin' forky.

How to be a Strang Tuner? Tell ya what to do.
Getcherself a cello and tune a strang or two.

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