Tuesday, February 12, 2013

In 1976, Clarence Carson wrote "The World in the Grip of an Idea." The idea is that by working together, all people can be happy. Here are the three parts of the idea. What do you think?

1. To achieve human felicity on this earth by concerting all efforts to achieve common ends.

2. To root out, discredit, and discard all aspects of culture which cannot otherwise be altered to divest them of any role in inducing or supporting the individual’s pursuit of self-interest.

3. Government is the instrument to be used to concert all efforts behind the realization of human felicity and the necessary alteration of culture.

Read more: http://www.fee.org/the_freeman/detail/the-world-in-the-grip-of-an-idea-revisited/#ixzz2Kim7VjjL

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