Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Some wag said, "One of these days we will wake up and not recognize the country we are living in." I just woke up and realized that:

Our elections are determined by who can spend the most money.
Having your dog ride on top of your car disqualifies you from becoming
President of the United States.
Policies and decisions are decided by pollsters.
News organizations have become fronts for political parties.
Americans are clamoring to be taxed more.
It is a badge of honor to be in debt.
Student loans are owned by the Federal Government.
15% of our population receives food stamps.
1/6 people in America receive government assistance of some kind.
People enter our boarders illegally and then become political pawns.
Federal agents inspect school children's lunch boxes.
The government claims the right to observe and kill citizens with drones.
The military has become another social experiment project.
A man may have children by as many women as he wishes, but may not
marry them legally.
Honored athletes soar to the heights of sports on the wings of drugs.
Gangland slaughter in our cities is given a pass by law enforcement,
but law abiding citizens are targeted by the government for gun control.
We sell guns to foreign terrorists who turn them on our people, and no
one is held responsible.
We fight wars for which we have no intention to win.
The Federal government dictates what is to take place in classrooms.
After 60 years of effort and billions of dollars spent to fix the problems, we still have poverty, ignorance, and racism.
We get more upset over a celebrity lip-syncing a song than over four Americans including an ambassador being killed in a foreign country.
Only 40% of eligible voters actually vote for our presidential elections.
Hardly anyone knows the difference between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.
People who go to church or believe in God are considered mentally ill.
Young people gather the news from television comedians.
Etc., etc.,

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