Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sequestration Effect News: Thousands of salmon are aimlessly wandering the streets of Seattle. Sequestration cutbacks eliminated the jobs of 100 Fishery managers, so the fish have no one to tell them where to go as they migrate in from the ocean.

 Just received my new Broadway at the Paramount season brochure. After purchasing a season package ($168.73-$430.75), I see for an extra ($56.25-$161.25) I can add on a ticket to see "Book of Mormon the Musical." Seems like a lot of money, but it did win a lot of awards. 
So, I wondered why anyone would want to pay this kind of money to see an upgraded South Park episode and hear language heard everyday in a junior high school lunchroom. Irreverently (but lovingly?) skewering religions and the doobs that believe in them is a sure bet for great entertainment, and throwing in a boatload of puerile scatology and obscenity only enhances the experience.
Who wouldn't pay good money to hear words that for us regular folk would get us fired from a job, expelled from school, slapped in the face, or slapped with a lawsuit? Or, in the case of entertainers, showered with awards and rave critical reviews. So, to save you the cost of a ticket (which could more helpfully be donated to a homeless shelter or school scholarship fund), I'll provide a few of the more exciting, edgy, titillating lyrics. Especially entertaining is the oft-repeated use of the F word. This is cutting edge theater. This is entertainment! (WARNING: Graphic language. Enjoy!