Saturday, March 16, 2013

 Just received my new Broadway at the Paramount season brochure. After purchasing a season package ($168.73-$430.75), I see for an extra ($56.25-$161.25) I can add on a ticket to see "Book of Mormon the Musical." Seems like a lot of money, but it did win a lot of awards. 
So, I wondered why anyone would want to pay this kind of money to see an upgraded South Park episode and hear language heard everyday in a junior high school lunchroom. Irreverently (but lovingly?) skewering religions and the doobs that believe in them is a sure bet for great entertainment, and throwing in a boatload of puerile scatology and obscenity only enhances the experience.
Who wouldn't pay good money to hear words that for us regular folk would get us fired from a job, expelled from school, slapped in the face, or slapped with a lawsuit? Or, in the case of entertainers, showered with awards and rave critical reviews. So, to save you the cost of a ticket (which could more helpfully be donated to a homeless shelter or school scholarship fund), I'll provide a few of the more exciting, edgy, titillating lyrics. Especially entertaining is the oft-repeated use of the F word. This is cutting edge theater. This is entertainment! (WARNING: Graphic language. Enjoy!

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