Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Them Pangolins (nod to Mason Williams)

"Them Pangolins"

by M Jasinski

How about them pangolins,
Ain't they rare?
Rolly polly ant lickers,
Scales instead of hair.

Lickin' up them worker ants,
Ain't they a marvel!
Munchin' on them queeny ants.
Suckin' up the larval.

Look at them pangolins,
Ain't they a bunch?
Excavatin' ant hills,
Lookin' for they lunch.

Them long tongue pangolins,
Strangest dudes alive.
A sippin' up the termites -
Super Glue saliva.

Wanna be a pangolin?
Tell ya what to do,
Sticky up your tongue a bit
And lick an ant or two.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Let's all just agree on this one thing, and then there will never have to be another news story ever written: Everything in the world that has happened, is happening, or will ever happen that is.....evil, disgusting, awful, icky, unfair, objectionable, lamentable, odiferous, off-putting, dangerous, stinky, hypocritical, suspicious, tricky, obnoxious, illegal, intrusive, secretive, costly, despicable, goofy, questionable, disingenuous, perfidious, shocking, under-handed, rude, stupid, ingenuous, ignorant, crappy, abominable, racist, manipulative, nefarious, lamentable, crummy, insensitive, unthoughtful, vexatious, loopy, horrific, rotten, mendacious, offensive, deplorable, two-faced, idiotic, insidious, stingy, shrewish, contemptible, messed-up, f---up, screwed-up, goofed-up, balled-up, thrown-up, mucked-up, stunk-up, gummed-up, gunked-up, beaten-up, dumbed-down, beaten-down,  put-down, turned-down, wound-down, thrown-down, overturned, stupefied, warped, crazy, disturbing, untrustworthy, broken, fumbled, bumbled, crumbled, numb-skulled, asinine, woeful, atrocious, punked, skunked, insincere, unscrupulous, , flunked, junked, disrespectful, puked, nuked, amateurish, incompetent, unflattering, fallacious, unprofessional, indecent, pooey, phony, illegitimate, inexcusable, ridiculous, creepy, rancid, unfathomable, childish, inane, or just plain bad......was thought, conceived, invented, imagined, caused, initiated, instigated, manipulated, promoted, nurtured, whispered, said, or done by George W. Bush. Or, Dick Cheney told him to do it. Now let's get on with life.