Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Wikipedia definition of "Irony"
All those books and tv specials and conferences and committees and public school assemblies dealing with global warming have proved successful beyond Algore's wildest dreams. The resultant heightened public awareness, policy changes, and draconian laws have dramatically reversed the course. With all the cold stuff going on, It's time to lighten up a bit and indulge in some warming activities. Time to fire up the bbq, take the SUV for a spin, and burn some coal, just to get things back into equilibrium. the way, almost every news story on this event fails to mention the expedition was organized by one of the world's leading anti-global-warming university-professor-activitist-gurus, and the purpose of the expedition was to document the effects of global warming on sea ice. I wonder why they skipped these inconvenient facts? I smell baloney........

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