Saturday, May 31, 2014

An update on my self-imposed National Public Radio diet....listened to a very fair and balanced report on the VA hospital scandal and Shinseki resignation. Short, but informative, and no blame on George W. Bush. Then there was the travel guy who goes around the world taking the trips us normal folks should not or cannot do, because he is smarter and braver than us. This time it was to find the last tribe in the Amazon jungle that has not had contact with Western civilization. He got the job done. He recounted those wonderful nights around the campfire with the aboriginals and the sounds of the jungle and how enriching the experience was for him, and for us vicariously. But did he not just do to them what the evil Columbus did to the rest of our Native Americans brothers and sisters? And in the spirit of NPR, here's an old-timer tune to accompany my narrative....

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