Tuesday, June 3, 2014

So, scouring the historical archives available on the internet, I discovered this news article from World War II on a German/American
prisoner exchange....
DATELINE: June 1, 1944
Washington DC
BS News Service
Today President Roosevelt released five high-ranking Nazi officers (including Klaus Barbie, Karl Brandt, Joseph Goebells, Adolf Eichmann, and Heinrich Himmler) in a prisoner exchange for US Army Sergeant Buck Hillsoup, who was held for 3 years in a German concentration camp near Futzwassel, Germany. Hillsoup reportedly coached German spies on American baseball jargon and the current players of the New York Yankees so they could more easily deceive suspicious American soldiers, and told fellow soldiers he was disillusioned with the war effort in Europe and was looking for a way to "go over the hill". He wrote letters home in his newly acquired German language critical of the Allied war effort, calling Winston Churchill an "Anglo-saxon she-devil-dog." He was captured by German forces after he abandoned his post at Baden-Am-Dittersdorf, leaving his weapons and taking only a bar of chocolate and pair of nylon stockings to use for bartering with local peasant ladies.
President Roosevelt held a press conference in the Rose Garden of the White House late in the afternoon with Sergeant Hillsoup's parents, Helthinia and Hansfried Hillsoup of Hermiston, Oregon. After being introduced by the President, the grateful father, wearing a monocle and sporting a short black mustache under his nose, began his comments with, "Milch ist gut für Kinder."
Newsman Ferstus Mostus noted, "Damn! One US Army Sadsack for five Nazi vermin. That shows who the superior race is!"
The President, Vice-President Wallace, and Secretary of War Stimson praised Hillsoup for his valiant and distinguished service in the Allied offensive. All America rejoices at the return of this all-American boy, hero of the Allied war effort, incomparable defender of liberty.

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  1. Is that story for real? Hillsoup's parents' names seem made up. I guess history repeats itself, huh?